Reflektor is a label that places self-published photobooks under a common name and offers them a „home“. Reflektor sees itself as a community of committed photographers and photobook lovers from all photographic genres and photographic endeavours.

Reflektor offers support for the implementation of self-published photobooks, promoting the sharing of know-how and contacts in the writing, graphic design and printing processes, maximising the quality and potential of your book!

Reflektor is a presentation platform for photobooks, which is active through various channels (website, social media, exhibitions, photo festivals, photo fairs etc.).

Reflektor is not a publisher or a commercial webshop. Reflektor is a platform that puts the common joy of the photobook into the focus. The Reflektor label represents and assures quality.

Are you interested to join our platform? We are looking forward to you contacting us and submitting your dummy or become a member to join our community or just to support our activities for € 32,- per year. For more information please write to: hello@reflektor.org